The sweet scent of success, almost for a century!

We are Kelkar Foods & Fragrances, originally from Kannauj, a city upheld as the ‘Sugandh Nagari of India’ and known for the cultivation of highest quality roses and other flowers. The experts from Kannuj have mastered the fine art of making natural attars, floral waters and aroma therapy oils since time immemorial.


Our trailblazing journey of almost a century is rooted in this timeless and priceless legacy. In 1919, Narayan Ramchandra Kelkar started following his dream first with trading and then with manufacturing of aroma therapy oils, authentic Indian attars, floral waters and gulkand. Over the years, our four dedicated generations have built the brand Kelkar Food & Fragrances and have reinforced its leadership position. We are regarded as pioneers and leaders in aroma therapy oils, attars and gulkand all over India and even abroad. The Kelkar products are synonymous with purity, quality, authenticity and credibility.




To explore the potential in existing as well as in emerging markets as a pioneer and a leader with products that inspire and are committed to quality, beauty and authenticity.


Quality Focus


In line with our commitment to outstanding quality and product safety, we have developed policies and procedures that define our quality objectives. Our quality & product safety systems are designed primarily to protect food safety and control the quality of the products we deliver to our customers. The name Kelkar is synonymous with trust and customer satisfaction and at the back of this is our unwavering quality focus.




• To adhere to value based strategy and long term vision for the company

• To enrich minds and lifestyles through our products and services

• To maintain and cherish emotional bonds with our customers